Logo Design For Your Gym

A logo is a vital part of your CrossFit gym or Event. This is YOUR brand, and the identity that sets you apart from every other box out there, now and in the future. This is a key aspect that makes Event or CrossFit Gym unique from the typical business model. Your color scheme, design aspects, and feel of the environment all start with this logo. Proper logo integration is the difference between a warehouse with equipment in it and a CrossFit Gym.

A logo can have positive and also negative results for a business. Without the proper design experience and tools, amateur logos can generate negative results with an unprofessional appearance to your audience.


This covers 3-5 main logo ideas based on the description you supply in our logo form. You will then have 2-3 minor revisions if necessary for the logo proof we send you to be dialed in. If you need more revisions, this begins with a $40 per hour charge. If you would like to see more logo ideas, an additional $295 fee is required. Custom logo’s are time consuming when it comes to detail work, and require a very skilled and experienced art form. The additional hourly fee is due to the initial low price of our logo service.

Payment upfront is required to start your logo design. You will be prompted to by with Paypal after filling out this form.

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Answering these questions will help us get your logo built the way you want it.